Reprogramming The Unconscious Mind

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How does the mind get programmed in the first place?

The events in our early years have the best influence over us in many cases. If we received powerful ideas which came in a time when we did not have the capacity to critically analyse what we were being told, we would have accepted the ideas without question.

Even our grandparents have brought their heritage into our lives in some way.

As we grow older, we develop the ability to be critical of new ideas and concepts. This becomes a filter to the subconscious mind. However, we often still take old, outdated ideas about life, click now, work and relationships with us from our childhood.

If our parents struggled financially, for instance, there’s a powerful change we developed some negative thoughts around money. This can become a belief and hold us back in life when we would like to move forwards. If we have picked up some unwanted emotional baggage around financing, you can bet that they’ll be holding you back from making more money.

But how can we change these ideas, if they’re rooted in our subconscious mind, from view? One answer is to begin observing how you talk and think about the subject you are attempting to change in your lifetime. What do you say about money, work and yourself? Your thoughts around money will lightly stem from your beliefs around money. If you’ve got a negative belief from your childhood around money, you’re probably creating a blockage. To change this, you can track it out and stop giving it more energy.

By way of instance, if your rhetoric around money is something like”You must work hard for money”, you can replace it for”money comes easily and frequently”. By repeating mantras which are contrary to your old beliefs, you can loosen the effect of your old beliefs and replace them with the new ones.

Consider how often you have repeated to yourself or someone that your old view on money or on what you need to do to earn it. Over the years, this becomes a belief which you cling to as if your life depended upon it. But what if it had been a lie? Developing a new belief will take some time. You need to counteract your previous belief by repeating your new affirmation again and again.

You can also use meditation to understand how to quieten your mind. This can have a two fold benefit. Firstly you can notice your inner dialogue much better. By watching your mind, you can see precisely how you continually talk to yourself. This inner dialogue feeds into your subconscious mind and generates the cornerstones of your belief system over time. Listen to what you say closely if you want to change things in your life. Replace limiting beliefs with new, more empowering ones.

Your self image also, is responsible for lots of your thoughts about what life offers you. Self image is a powerful focus for your unconscious mind. It controls how you think about yourself. If you consciously want something, but you don’t believe it’s possible, your unconscious belief will prevail.

Or, in the event that you consciously want something but don’t believe you’re worth it, you are going to find ways to sabotage your conscious attempts to prove yourself . Then, you’re justify not achieving your desired outcome in some way which agrees with your self image and existing psychological attitudes.

This is the reason why reprogramming the subconscious mind can be so strong. Your subconscious mind has a huge part to play in your life’s decisions and results.